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July 2010
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August 2010
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9X 10X 11X 12X 1350€ 1450€ 1550€
1650€ 1750€ 1850€ 1950€ 2050€ 2150€ 2250€
2350€ 2450€ 2550€ 2650€ 2750€ 2850€ 2950€
3050€ 3150€

Approximate prices for two adults in a double room

General Conditions of Contract

For the purpose of these general conditions, the terms are interpreted according to the following definitions:

  • GENERAL CONDITIONS: The General Conditions of Contract governing the contract signed by the CLIENT and HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A.
  • SERVICES: Any kind of services that HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. offers the CLIENT in the contract via HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A’s Web site; these are mainly aimed at helping Users make a reservation at any of the establishments that appear on the Web site.
  • CLIENT: The user of HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A’s Web site who books the services.
  • HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A.: Acts on its own behalf when the CLIENT books a service in an establishment that it owns, and also acts as an intermediary on behalf of the establishment when the CLIENT reserves a service at an establishment owned by a third party.

The General Conditions govern the reservation, via the Web site (owned by HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A.), of services offered via

Range of application and acceptance of the General Conditions of Contract

Range of application

The current General Conditions of Contract apply to the on-line reservation of services offered by HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. via its Web site, ( henceforth the Web site), to the Client who specifies or chooses the services of any of the establishments operating under the HUSA brand name, according to the process described on the Web site.

The services to which the current General Conditions apply are those that are offered on the Web site at all times.

Likewise, the on-line reservation of services offered by HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. via the current Web site is subject to the guidelines set out in the Legal disclaimer at If a conflict arises between this Disclaimer and the General Conditions, the latter will take precedence under all circumstances.

Acceptance of the General Conditions

The Client’s reservation of services offered by HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. implies the acceptance of the version of the current General Conditions published by HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. when the Client enters his/her details.

If the Client wishes to read the General Conditions more thoroughly, he/she can print them out or save the document electronically.

Contract requirements

Technical requirements

A series of minimum technical requirements has been established in order to access the products that HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. makes available to its Clients.

The Client must have a computer system that allows him/her to surf the Internet, along with a mechanism that allows connection to the Internet via modem, cable, ADSL or an analogue system, after engaging a service to access and connect to the Internet.

HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. has established the commonly accepted security measures in accordance with market standards in order to guarantee safe access to the information supplied via the Web site. However, HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. cannot guarantee this safety when the user connects via computer systems that are not under the Client’s exclusive control, for example as a result of the use of computers in cybercafés, universities, hotels, etc.

Personal requirements

The option of entering a contract with HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. is aimed at end Clients who are of age and for use by the Client him/herself or people on behalf of whom the Client is legally authorised to act.

Wholesale companies, agencies, distributors and other professional intermediaries are excluded.

The re-sale of products acquired through the virtual shop to third parties is completely prohibited.

Process for booking services

Electronic contact

There are different ways to make a reservation on the Internet, whether this is done through links to the hotel, special offer or map, although the reservation process is the same in each case.

Once an establishment has been selected, the first screen offers information about it, such as location, services, room facilities, etc. Clients are asked to enter the dates for the reservation in the upper left-hand corner in order to check the availability of rooms at the hotel. If rooms are available, the next screen informs clients about the kind of rooms available and the corresponding prices so that they can choose which kind they want and how many. Clients must click on the "Book now" button to continue with the reservation process.

The next screen gathers information about the requested reservation and shows the total cost. If clients agree with the reservation details they must provide their personal details and their credit card details in order to make the reservation.

Una vez facilitados estos datos, el cliente “clicará” en el botón FINALIZAR RESERVA para la confirmación de su reserva. A continuación, en la siguiente pantalla se le confirmará la reserva y se le dará un número de localizador.

Likewise, if you have given express consent on each form through which you provide your personal details, your details may be used to send you personalised promotional information about products and services offered by establishments operating under the HUSA brand name.

Acceptance of the General Conditions

In accordance with the standards established in Act 24/2002, dated 11 July, regarding Internet Society and E-Commerce Services (henceforth known as LSSI), HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. must encourage clients to read the current General Conditions.

In order to fulfil this obligation, the potential client cannot make a reservation without having first seen and explicitly accepted the current General Conditions by clicking on the button "I have read and accept the above conditions".

There is a link to the General Conditions of Contract throughout the contract process and, if the potential client hasn’t accessed them and clicked on the acceptance button, he/she will not be able to finish any of the electronic contract processes that HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. offers through In this case, therefore, when the client clicks on the "FINISH RESERVATION" button, the following message will appear: "You must read and accept the General Conditions".

Documentary confirmation of the contract

Once the current General Conditions have been expressly accepted, HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. will send the Client confirmation that the contract has been made, including all the terms and conditions, via e-mail or registered post with acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours of purchase.

HOSTELERIA UNIDA, S.A. would like to inform clients that it will send them documentary confirmation of the contract as evidence of the contract’s completion.

Price of products offered by Hostelería Unida, S.A.

The prices shown on screen beside each product are always in Euros and always include VAT (Value Added Tax).

Special offers will be duly marked and identified as such, and will display the price properly.

HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. reserves the right to make any alterations it deems appropriate at any time without prior warning and can update services and prices according to market conditions.

Method of payment

Payment will be made at the establishment where you are staying. HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. reminds you that your credit or debit card will only be used to guarantee payment.

HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. guarantees clients security in their transactions in accordance with technological standards from the date of the implementation of the Web site in terms of protocols and security services.

Standards of use for the portal

El Cliente se compromete a hacer un uso correcto de los productos, dentro de la legalidad vigente y con el máximo respeto a los buenos usos y costumbres que se exigen en este tipo de servicios, y en los términos fijados en el “Aviso Legal”. Con la aceptación de estas Condiciones Generales, el Cliente manifiesta que conoce el Aviso legal y acepta lo dispuesto en el mismo.

Cancellations of reservations

The Client can cancel the reservation before definitely confirming the purchase. If it has been reserved and has been confirmed by e-mail, the Client should contact the main booking office for HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. (Tel: 902 100 710) and follow the process outlined in order to cancel it. In order to do so, the client must provide the following information: Name and surname of the person who made the reservation, and the date and number of the reservation to be cancelled. Under no circumstances can cancellations/refunds be performed on the day the reservation is made. In the event of cancellations/refunds, the full sum is not refundable and there will be a charge, including any taxes and/or fees accrued.

Service supply

HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. agrees to look after the Client’s accessibility to the services reserved without detriment to that which is set out in the current General Conditions. HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. is expressly exempt from any kind of responsibility if it is impossible to supply the service to the Client due to technical problems experienced by HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. or another party, an accident or an Act of God.

Data protection


The personal data you give HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. via the Web site will be processed in files owned by HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. and the title holders of the establishments whose services you have requested, if these are different to HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A., in order to provide the service for which you supplied your data as well as to send you personalised promotional information about products and services from establishments operating under the HUSA brand name.

You can exercise your rights to access, amend, cancel and object to this by sending a letter to the establishment in which you stayed or for which you have made a reservation.

Industrial and intellectual property

The Client acknowledges HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A’s ownership of all its intellectual property, industrial property and other, similar rights regarding the services contained on the Web site as well as of the Web site itself, including information, messages, designs, graphics, drawings, photographs, video archives, sound archives, software, databases, know-how, brand names, commercial names, logos, distinctive symbols, patents, utility models or any other kind of creation that is accessible via the Web site.

The Client may not copy, distribute, market, alter or plagiarise the previously mentioned protected elements. Such activities are a breach of the intellectual property rights of HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A., or the title holder of the elements, and may result in the corresponding judicial or extra-judicial proceedings as they exercise their rights.

Guarantees and responsibility

HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. cannot control or guarantee the absence of viruses and other elements in the content that may cause changes to your computer system (software and hardware) or the electronic documents and files stored on your computer system. HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. is exempt from any responsibility for any kind of damage or harm that may be due to the presence of a virus or the presence of other elements in the content that may cause changes to users’ computer systems, electronic documents and files.

HOSTELERÍA UNIDA, S.A. will do everything it can to ensure the security of the information provided by users. However, it cannot guarantee that the transfer of information is completely secure.

Despite the high levels of security that are legally required in order to protect personal data and the implementation of all technical methods and measures available in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and robbery of the information provided, the user knows and is aware that Internet security cannot be guaranteed 100%.